Use the forms below to enter parameters for the analog forecast application

Look for Analog Matches in This Box

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South Lat East Lon
Forecast is for This Box

North Lat West Lon
South Lat East Lon
Last month to start evaluation (e.g., 4 for April):
Number of Months (up to 12) to evaluate for analog matches (e.g., 2 for Mar-Apr):
Year of last month to start evaluation:
Months Ahead (up to 12) to generate forecast (e.g., 2 for Jun forecast from Mar-Apr analogs):

For example, to evaluate Mar-Apr, 2010, data to forecast Jun 2010,
choose 4, 2, 2010, 2 (from top to bottom).
Theme to Forecast: 1 = SLP, 2 = 500 mb Height, 3 = 2-Meter Temps, and 4 = 925 mb temps
Choose Variable (1-4):
Weighting for Analog Selections (0-100):


Auto Weight (0 = No, 1 = Yes):        Detrend Data (0 = No, 1 = Yes):        RMS Weighting Exponent

Note 1: If the analysis OR forecast box is entirely over land, program might crash due to no SST data.
Note 2: Weights must be whole numbers. Total need not add to 100.
Note 3: Auto weighting uses a multiple linear regression to find the best historical correlations. Manual weights are ignored.
Note 4: RMS Weighting Exponent to use in calculation for pattern matching. Default is 2. Use whole number from 1 to 5.
Mapping ID Number:
This number must be greater than 300. Change value for each new query to ensure files are not overwritten

   (to reset form, select "Theme to Forecast" 0 and press button)

Once it starts, DO NOT HIT REFRESH.
The program takes between 1 and 11 minutes to run,
depending on the size of the analysis area.
Wait for completion message and URL links below.