1 The Program Currently Requires a Manual Download of the Latest GFS run by me. e-mail
me at: bbrettschneider@outlook.com and I'll download the latest file. Soon (hopefully) it
will auto-download the latest file(s). Stay tuned ... Click HERE for detailed instructions.

The program takes ~2.1 minutes to run. Only about 65 seconds are for the analysis.
The rest of the time is for generating 100+ image files!

Make maps or gimme match dates only?   (1=make maps, 2=don't)
Variable to forecast (1=SLP, 2=Air Temp, 3=500mb Heights)   
2 Lat/Lon bounds for GFS analog matches:      North Lat   South Lat   West Lon   East Lon
Click HERE for a blank global map with labelled grid lines.
3 Assign weights for matching:   SLP   Air Temp   500 mb Height
This is where you set the variable criteria for selecting the analogs.
Select which variabls receive a partial (or no) share of the weighting.
Note: Total should add to 100.
4 Enter the lat / lon (50-90N / 0-360E) for a GENERALIZED point forecsat (resolution 2.5°).
Lat: Lon:
5 Days for search radius:  
Note: This is plus or minus target date. E.g., Search radius
of 7 days means seven days before and after target (7+1+7=15 days).
6 Days to sequence for match:  
Do you want a 1-day match, a 2-day match, or a 3-day match?
A 1-day match might be transient so you have a choice of up to 3 days.
7 Percent analogs above/below. A separate map will be made that shows the percent of the top analogs that are
above or below normal.

Enter number of analogs here:
8 *** Substitute date (Optional) ***   To run a historical date as a substitude for the current date, select the month/day/year here.
*** If the values are anything but 1/1/1948, the historical date will be analyzed.
***   //
9 Historical Comparison This is where you can enter a date of significance to compare the current forecast against.
It usually represents a date where something significant happened. Lat/Lon bounds from above are used.



Once it starts, DO NOT HIT REFRESH.
The program takes 3.0 minutes to run,
Wait for completion message and URL link below.