Use the forms below to enter parameters for the analog forecast application    (YouTube Video Instructions 7:40)

Look for Analog Matches in This Box

North Lat West Lon
South Lat East Lon

Remember that longitude runs from 0 to 360 (no E-W).
Click HERE for a blank map with labelled grid lines.
Forecast is for This Box

North Lat West Lon
South Lat East Lon
Last month to start evaluation (e.g., 4 for April):
Number of Months (up to 12) to evaluate for analog matches (e.g., 2 for Mar-Apr):
Year of last month to start evaluation:
Start Months Ahead (up to 12) to generate forecast:   Months to Forecast:
Number of Analogs to use for the analogs forecast (1-5):

For example, to forecast Feb-Mar 2017 using Nov 2016 - Jan 2017 data, choose 1 (Jan
is the last month for the pattern match), 3 (using 3 months of pattern matching), 2017 (the
last month for pattern matching is Jan 2017), 1 (you forecast start month is Feb, which is 1
month after your last pattern match month of Jan), and 2 (you are forecasting for 2 months,
Feb and Mar).
Theme to Forecast: 1 = SLP, 2 = Pressure level height (enter below), 3 = 2-Meter Temps, and 4 = Pressure level temperature (enter below)    Choose Variable (1-4):
Pressure Levels: 0 = 1000mb, 1 = 925mb, 2 = 850mb, 3 = 700mb, 4 = 600mb, 5 = 500mb, 6 = 400mb, 7 = 300mb, 8 = 250mb, 9 = 200mb, 10 = 150mb, 11 = 100mb, 12 = 70mb, 13 = 50mb, 14 = 30mb, 15 = 20mb, 16 = 10mb
Enter Pressure Level for Height Analysis: (see above)         Enter Pressure Level for Temp Analysis: (see above)  
Weighting for Analog Selections (-100 to 100):

SLP Pressure Height T2M Pressure Temp SST   Use Index for Matching (1=PDO, 2=NPM, 3=SOI, 4=EOF1, 5=EOF2, 6=EOF3, 7=Combined EOFs)

Auto Weight (0 = No, 1 = Yes):        Detrend Data (0 = No, 1 = Yes):        Pearson or RMS Match (0 = RMS, 1 = Pearson):

Note 1: If the analysis OR forecast box is entirely over land, program might crash due to no SST data.
Note 2: Weights must be whole numbers. Total need not add to 100.    Note 3: Index choices supercede other numbers.
Note 4: Index: 1=PDO, 2=NPM, 3=SOI, 4=EOF1, 5=EOF2, 6=EOF3, 7=Combined EOF.
Note 5: Auto weighting uses a multiple linear regression to find the best historical correlations. Manual weights are ignored.
EOF Parameters    Choose Theme (1-5 [see list above: 5 = SST]):      North Lat   South Lat   West Lon   East Lon
Override Selection Criteria and Manually Choose 5 Match Years:

Manual Override (0 = No, 1 = Yes):       Year 1    Year 2    Year 3    Year 4    Year 5

Note 1: Make sure that your match year is not for a month that is in the future!    Note 2: All weightings will be ignored.    Note 3: Make sure that all years are different.
Experimental Analog Variable   
0 = Custom [Paste values (carefully) into text box]
1 = Nenana Ice Classic Breakup (Day of Year) [choose month(s) before May]
2 = Fairbanks Winter Days With Low -20F [choose month(s) before October]
3 = Fairbanks Winter Snow Depth Average [choose month(s) before October]
4 = Yukon River Flow At Eagle in Sept [choose month(s) before September]
5 = Alaska Statewide D-J-F Temps [choose month(s) before December]
6 = Alaska Statewide D-J-F Precip [choose month(s) before December]
7 = Anchorage Seasonal Snow [choose month(s) before November]
8 = Bering Sea Max Ice Day of Year [choose month(s) before February]
9 = Bering Sea Max Ice Extent [choose month(s) before February]

   (to reset form, select "Theme to Forecast" 0 and press button)

Once it starts, DO NOT HIT REFRESH.
The program takes up to 1 minutes to run,
Wait for completion message and URL link below.